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Your best dental health begins with brushing and flossing your teeth. Although there are many options for flossing, we recommend that you start with threaded floss to determine if it is compatible with your smile’s needs and capabilities. To help your smile achieve optimal health, Dr. Laurin Cardwell and our team offer the following flossing guidelines:

– The ADA recommends flossing for two to three minutes every day to ensure that all areas between your teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

– Choose a floss that is resistant to shredding or tearing during use, such as products that have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance by meeting the ADA’s requirements. For example, single filament thread is a shred-resistant floss.

– If you have found flossing to be more difficult as a result of age or pain, you can switch to an interdental cleaner that is easier to use, such water flossing.

-To avoid the risk of contamination between teeth, use a floss strand that is about 18 inches in length and a fresh section of the strand of floss for each tooth gap.

Our dentist at Cardwell Family Dentistry can help you determine which floss treatment is best for you depending on your unique oral health. Dr. Laurin Cardwell would love to see you in Sylva, North Carolina, and invites you to schedule an appointment. Call 828-631-3567 today!