Chances are you have heard of fillings before; they are most commonly known as a way to repair cavities (tooth decay). A dental filling is a basic dental restoration used to restore a tooth that has suffered from minor to moderate decay or another type of damage. There are two main types of fillings available:

  • Composite fillings: A composite filling, sometimes called a tooth-colored or white filling, is a restoration made of composite resin. This resin material can be matched to your natural tooth color for an aesthetic effect, and it also bonds with your tooth structure for a strong, lasting restoration. In general, a composite filling can be placed with less tooth removal than is required for an amalgam filling.
  • Amalgam fillings: An amalgam filling is made of a mixture of metals, including silver, mercury, tin, and copper. Sometimes referred to as silver fillings, amalgam fillings are silver in color and are typically more affordable than composite restorations.

Our dentist will help you choose the type of dental filling in Sylva, North Carolina, that best matches your personal dental needs and desires. Placing a filling usually requires only one visit to our office. Dr. Laurin Cardwell first removes the decayed portion of the tooth and then thoroughly cleans the tooth. We then fill the tooth with the chosen filling material, shape it to fit the contours of the tooth, and harden it. For more information about fillings, we welcome you to call or visit us at Cardwell Family Dentistry.