Dentures can be Used to Restore Your Smile

Many things can cause you to lose your teeth. Collisions in sports, tooth decay, gum disease, and many other oral conditions all can contribute to tooth loss. Lose enough teeth, and that can cause serious problems for your life quality. Chewing food becomes difficult, speaking is harder, and you lose confidence in your smile. Dentures… Read more »

Dr. F. Patrick McGuire introduces Dr. Laurin J. Cardwell

What to Use When You are Out of Toothpaste

What do you do to keep up your oral health? Do you make a point of brush and floss every day? If so, good for you—but what would you do if you found your toothpaste tube empty one day and weren’t able to get more right away? As you can probably guess, you shouldn’t just… Read more »

A Tooth with Cracked Enamel Might Need a Crown

Unfortunately, there are times when a hard fall or blow to the face can crack your tooth’s enamel. If the crack is limited to the enamel layer and the internal structures of the tooth are not threatened, your dentist, Dr. , might recommend replacing the entire enamel layer with a dental crown in , …. Read more »

Ignored Cavities may need Root Canals

Even a small cavity or area of tooth decay has the ability to spread quickly. Should a cavity go ignored or unrepaired for too long the decay might extend deep into the pulp or root of the tooth. In a case like this often advocates having a root canal to extract the decayed material and… Read more »

Common Causes of Stained Teeth

There’s nothing quite like a bright, vibrant smile. Unfortunately, there are things we do every day that work to darken those pearly whites. Here are a few common causes of staining in teeth. Foods & Beverages There are a few common food items we regularly consume that can leave stains on our teeth. These include… Read more »

How Do I Choose a New Toothbrush?

When it comes time to choose a new toothbrush, finding the perfect replacement can be time-consuming, especially if you plan to switch styles or brands. Fortunately, toothbrush shopping is a lot quicker and easier if you know what to look for, which is quality and comfort. Keep in mind that there are two types of… Read more »

Dealing with a Problematic Filling

Even though a filling is meant to last a long time, it’s not unheard of for one to fall out. Large fillings and old fillings are more likely to be lost. If you noticed that you are missing a filling, you should call Dr. as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. The longer you… Read more »

Spring Clean Your Teeth for a Healthy Smile

March is here and spring is finally on the way, a time of renewal. The lighter, longer days make us feel like hitting the reset button after the heavier days of winter. If you are feeling the spring cleaning bug, don’t forget to renew your oral habits for a healthier smile! Commit to Flossing: The… Read more »

Common Materials for Your New Filling

A small area of decay on the enamel of one of your teeth, is commonly referred to as a cavity. Your dentist can usually repair a small cavity in a simple procedure where they remove the decayed enamel and fill it with a material that is not subject to tooth decay. Your dentist will recommend… Read more »