Have you lost several teeth or all of your teeth? Are you searching for a tooth replacement option that is affordable, natural looking, and noninvasive? If so, our dentist may recommend dentures for your smile. Dentures are removable dental appliances that are custom made to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile’s health, functionality, and appearance. There are two main types of dentures available, and Dr. Laurin Cardwell will recommend the type that is best suited to your individual dental needs and goals.

  • Complete dentures: A complete (full) denture is used to replace all of the teeth in a dental arch. This type of denture is shaped like a horseshoe and is designed to sit on the gums. Based on which teeth are missing, you may need a complete denture for the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches.
  • Partial dentures: A partial denture is used when multiple teeth are missing but some natural teeth remain. In some cases, the partial denture includes a thin framework or clasps that anchor to the neighboring teeth for additional stability.

If you have lost multiple teeth and are ready to find out if dentures in Sylva, North Carolina, are right for you, we encourage you to contact us today at Cardwell Family Dentistry. We look forward to speaking with you soon!