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Dentures are a popular method of replacing missing teeth because they are removable appliances that can fill large and small areas of missing tooth loss to provide full smiles. Partial dentures may be ideal for a few lost teeth, and complete dentures offer a full artificial dental arch.

Dentures go beyond simple tooth replacement to offer a variety of exciting benefits, which we review below:

  • Perhaps the most well-known benefit is that dentures help restore the natural ability to chew and speak by replacing missing teeth.
  • Beyond replacing teeth, dentures promote an ideal facial profile by lifting sagging face structures that have started to droop after losing several teeth.
  • If you have a badly aged appearance due to tooth loss, getting dentures can help you look younger and have a youthful smile.
  • Gaps between the teeth invite pockets of bacteria to form, which raises your risk of dental issues and causes the gums to lose stability. Loose gums allow nearby teeth to shift around, but by receiving dentures, you can stabilize your smile and reduce bacteria presence.
  • When it is time to clean your teeth each morning and night, or if you need a new set of dentures, you can easily remove the appliance with no hassle.

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