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There is a small gap between the gums and the base of dentures which saliva fills in order to suction the dentures to the mouth. Though this suction method is very effective, some individuals may want more stability through the use of denture adhesives. You should speak with your dentist about whether you should use denture adhesives or not, but here are a few of the general pros and cons that come with their use.

Pros Of Denture Adhesives

  • Adhesives can make dentures more comfortable to wear by preventing them from rubbing against oral tissue. This make dentures feel more like natural teeth and prevents the development of mouth sores and infection.
  • Adhesives help secure dentures more firmly in the mouth, improving speech and chewing. Adhesives can be especially beneficial for those who have a daily demand on their facial muscles, such as singers or speakers.

Cons Of Denture Adhesives

  • Adhesives often have zinc as an ingredient. When too much zinc is ingested, it can cause problems to the extremities such as a tingling sensation, numbness, or even nerve damage. This can be prevented by following denture adhesive instructions, cleaning dentures daily, and avoiding the constant use of adhesives.
  • Adhesives need to be cleaned off of dentures daily. If adhesives build up over time, then they can cause bad breath and oral health problems.
  • Adhesives can be messy, feel grimy, or even taste bad.