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If you find yourself practicing poor or inconsistent oral hygiene, you could be at an increased risk of many dental health problems, one of the most concerning of these being tooth decay. Without timely treatment, even a minor cavity can develop within the tooth to cause extensive damage. If you receive cavity treatment early, a standard and conservative dental filling may be enough to properly restore your tooth.

Our team is committed to keeping you fully comfortable while we remove the decayed tooth enamel areas and form a clean foundation to place the dental filling.

The material recommended by Dr. Laurin Cardwell will depend primarily on both appearance and function of the tooth that needs treatment. Amalgam is usually reserved for back teeth because of the durable metallic blend and darkened color, while composite can restore a prevalent tooth in your smile because it is matched to the natural color of the tooth enamel. We can often place an amalgam or composite dental fillings in a single appointment at our office.

After placing the dental filling, your new restoration should benefit your tooth for many years to come. Please contact Cardwell Family Dentistry at 828-631-3567 today and scheduling an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Laurin Cardwell, if you suspect you have a cavity and may need a dental filling in Sylva, North Carolina.