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Sometimes it’s hard to know which filling to choose when you just learned of a cavity hiding in your teeth. Many people don’t know the difference between the types of fillings available or how to pick the filling that would be the best for their smile. Here at Cardwell Family Dentistry, we offer two different kinds of fillings so you and your dentist can choose the best option for you. Those options include:

Composite Fillings
A composite filling is tooth colored or white so it can blend with your tooth to give you natural-looking results. It is made of resin materials and it bonds to your tooth to provide long-term effects.

Amalgam Fillings
An amalgam filling is made of different metals. These metals can include copper, tin, mercury, and even silver. The color of the filling is usually silver and the filling is less expensive compared to composite fillings.

With these two options, your cavities can be filled in no time. If you have any questions, swing by Cardwell Family Dentistry today and talk to a member of our friendly dental team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with us if you have any signs of tooth decay. We are thrilled to improve your oral health with these dental products!