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Saliva is not one of those topics that come up in polite conversation. But saliva, no matter how disgusting you may find it, is extremely important, even vital to your oral health. Saliva does a number of things for your mouth. It keeps your mouth hydrated, helps carry fluoride and minerals to your teeth, washes away food particles, and neutralizes the acids leftover from the things you eat and drink.

“Dry mouth” refers to a condition in which your mouth does not have enough saliva. That can result in problems such trouble eating and speaking, mouth sores, dry and cracked lips, bad breath damaged gums and tooth decay. It can be a side effect of aging or tobacco or drug use. Drinking alcohol and medications for cancer and Parkinson’s disease can be the culprits. Dry mouth is also caused by an autoimmune problem called Sjögren’s syndrome, which attacks the body’s ability to manufacture saliva. Or you may just be dehydrated.

If you have dry mouth, you should contact our dentist, Dr. Laurin Cardwell. The dentist may want to talk with your doctor about your medications or medical diagnoses. Or she may suggest drinking more water, using a humidifier when you sleep, or she may prescribe an artificial saliva solution. To help deal with dry mouth in Sylva, North Carolina, we will be happy to see you. If you would like to make an appointment at Cardwell Family Dentistry, call 828-631-3567 today and let’s get you started on the road to great oral health.